Ways to Fix Samsung Wireless Printer Offline Issue

You can face Samsung wireless printer offline issue- Windows when you are on a shared network or due to antivirus. In order to fix it, you should follow the below mentioned steps but first, make sure that the Samsung printer and your system are connected to the same network connection. You can also try changing the static address.


Fix shared network problem to bring Samsung printer to online state

Add the printer to the wizard in the first step. Open the wizard by searching for it in the bottom left box and select the Samsung printer which is going to get configured.

Choose the printer that is associated with the other printer and click on next. In the next window, connect to the printer and add the name as well. You can also try to add a local printer and then see if the issue has been resolved or not.


Set a static address

In order to set a static address, open the control panel and go to ‘Printers and devices’. Select the Samsung printer with offline status and click on manage. Then open the properties and select ‘ports’ which will show the IP address of it. Open the printer settings and fill in the username and password. Once the page loads, go to network or connectivity and then change it from automatic to static or manual. You can type in your own IP address if it doesn’t show one but make sure it is like the original one. Save it, enter the router’s IP address and then click on ‘enter’. Go to the device manager and set the ip address if it doesn’t show up one and then try to print.


Disable antivirus

At times, the antivirus interferes with the printing activities therefore it is best to disable it for a while. Go to the control panel and search for the antivirus. Right click on it and follow the on screen instructions to disable it.

If you are facing Samsung printer offline issue then it could be really frustrating especially when you have a number of tasks to do. You don’t have to worry as we are here to help you out by suggesting a number of ways you can try to get your Samsung printer offline status to online. They are listed below:


Check the internet connection

At times, you might face this offline status due to a weak internet connection. You need to make sure that the Samsung printer and the laptop/ desktop is connected to the same internet connection and it is functioning properly.


Check for paper jams

If the paper is stuck in the paper rollers then it will show an offline status therefore it is best to clean the paper rollers. Disconnect your Samsung printer from the main power source and take out the paper rollers. Clean them carefully with a damp cloth and wait for them to dry. Once they dry up, place them back in the printer and try to do a test print.


Check the status of printing

In order to see the printing status, open the settings and go to ‘Devices’ then click on ‘Devices and printers’. Click on ‘see what’s printing’ from the drop down menu and if you see a grey mark next to it, select it. Click on ‘set as default printer’ and try to print a document.


Remove printing jobs, if any

Removing printing jobs can remove the Samsung printer offline error as well. Go to Samsung printer’s icon and right click on it to see what’s printing. Then you need to cancel all documents. If this option is in grey then you should open as an admin, enter the password and then cancel all documents then try to print.

Samsung Printer Keeps Going Offline? Know why!

If your Samsung printer keeps going offline then you can try these ways to fix it. You should check whether the power of the printer is on or off. You can also see if the USB cable is properly attached or not in both the ports. You should get a new USB cable if the problem persists.

At times, the printer is set to offline which will show you this issue. To get rid of it, open the control panel and then navigate to ‘Devices and printers’ and then right click on the Samsung printer.

Select it and uncheck the box next to ‘Printer offline’. You can also try to reinstall the drivers or download the latest version of the drivers by visiting the official website. By doing these easy steps, you will be able to fix Samsung printer keeps going offline issue.


Samsung m2020 printer offline due to wi-fi connectivity

If your Samsung m2020 printer is offline due to wifi connectivity then it is not a big deal as it can be fixed in few simple steps. Follow the points stated below to rectify this issue:

  • Open the device manager from the start button and then navigate to the network adapter option and look out for any yellow mark
  • If there is a mark in yellow then right click on the adapter for wireless and uninstall it
  • Download and install the latest version of a wireless adapter driver which is compatible with the Samsung printer. You can visit the official website to get it
  • Reboot your laptop to fix any minor issues on its own and now you will be able to connect to the wireless connection

How to fix Samsung printer offline on MAC in 2 simple steps?

If you are having a hard time in printing due to Samsung printer offline- MAC then you can resolve it in two simple steps. They are:

Step 1: Check if the printer is ready or not

  • Turn the power on and then load the sheets in the tray and check the ink levels as well
  • Restart the printer and connect it to the system
  • Try to print a file for sample

Step 2: Reset the system

  • You can clear the errors simply by resetting the printer
  • Open the Apple menu and navigate to ‘System preferences’
  • Go to print and fax and then navigate to printers or scanners
  • Open the printers window and select ‘reset printing system’
  • Click on reset for which you will be required to login by using your admin username and password
  • Add the printer and then try to print

This will help you fix Samsung printer offline- MAC in no time.

Fix Samsung printer keep going offline by updating the drivers

The drivers are the connection between the printer and the system and if they are outdated or incompatible then you are bound to face some troubles. In order to get rid of Samsung printer keep going offline, you should update the drivers by using the steps stated below:

  • Open your laptop and go to the control panel
  • Choose ‘Hardware and Sound’
  • YGo to windows and look for the device manager tab and click on it to see all the hardware devices connected to your laptop
  • If it shows a yellow indication on the app then you need to get the latest version of the driver
  • Click on the app with the yellow mark and then select ‘update driver software’ which will lead you to the official website of the manufacturer
  • You can download the latest version
  • Once it is done, extract the file by clicking on it twice and then choose the run option to install it
  • Try printing now and Samsung printer keep going offline issue would be fixed.