The printer gets offline is the common error of all the printers. Generally, the printers go to offline mode due to various reasons such as poor connectivity, slow network connection, etc. In this write up, we will give the exact reasons behind why the Toshiba Printer Offline Error message appears on the screen while performing print job. Therefore, keep your eyes feast over here!

Real Causes for Toshiba Printer Offline

We have listed below the actual reason for printer goes offline error issue:

  • Toshiba Printer Lost the Connectivity Of Network-Lack of network connectivity of printer causes “Toshiba Printer Offline”. On the other hand, some other factors exist in which the error depends upon.
  • Papers Got Stuck In The Toshiba Printer- Highly possibility of paper got stuck in the print queue result of which printer shows an offline error message and goes offline from online.
  • USB Gets Disconnected -Make sure the USB cable is properly connected with your device and printer. There should be no breakage or loose connection in between the Toshiba printer and the system. The USB should be tightly connected with both the ends.
  • The Version of the Printer Driver Gets Expire- If the current version of the printer driver is not working effectively and features are not matches with the connected device. Then it’s time to re-installation of the Toshiba printer driver in order to overcome with Printer offline error.
  • Bugs Occupy Some Space Of Your Device- Sometimes it can be seen that some minor issue interrupts on the printing process of the Toshiba Printer. In such a case once reboot your device by this method you can fix some major issues within a short time.

What are the Ways to Fix Toshiba Printer Offline Windows 10?

Several methods and procedures are noted underneath to fix Toshiba Printer Offline Windows 10. Follow the below guides very carefully to resolve the problem on the operating system Windows 10.

Solution 1: Do Some Modification in the Settings of Toshiba Printer

Not the proper arrangement of settings may result Toshiba Printer Offline Error. Hence, check whether the settings are configured as per our requirement or not. If, not then modify the printer settings in Windows 10 to get the desired output. The steps are given below, have look once.

  • First, you need to do the setting of the printer as the default printer. Open the Windows Search option to select the “Settings” menu and then go to the Devices section.
  • After that, choose the option 'Printers & Scanners', doing so the list of printers will appear on the screen. Select the Toshiba printer which you want to set as the default printer.
  • Choose and click on the “Manage” button and finally select 'Set as default' to set the Toshiba printer as a default printer.

Solution 2: Do Some Modification in the Properties of the Toshiba Printer

Follow the steps to change the properties of the Toshiba printer and to fix Toshiba Printer Offline Windows 10.

  • First, go to the Windows Search and open the Control Panel
  • Select the "Printer and Devices" section
  • Go to the icon of Printer and right-click on it and from the given-list choose the option “Printers Properties”
  • From the given port, select the IP address of the Toshiba Printer
  • On the Configuration menu see for the status of SNMP is unchecked
  • Finally, click “OK” tab to save the changes

Solution 3: Check If Update Is Required For Printer Driver

The process to update is given below-

  • First, click on Run box and enter “devmgmt.msc” in the dialogue box and then open the device manager
  • Select the printer you are using currently and give a right click on it
  • Next, go to “Update Driver” section then select “Search automatically”
  • After that, the searching process for the latest driver will get starts
  • Finally, complete the updating process by following the on-screen instructions

The above-given instructions are more useful for getting the Toshiba Printer Offline Windows 10 problem solved.

My Toshiba Printer is Offline: How to Bring it Online?

There are several factors by which your Toshiba Printer gets offline and hence throwing Toshiba Printer Is Offline error message on the device screen during print. In order to bring Toshiba printer online from the offline mode, you simply are suggested to go through the provided guidelines:

  • First, go for the Start menu, and select the "Devices and Printers" option.
  • Choose the printer that is in offline mode.
  • Then, choose the “printer” option on the top of the screen.
  • Finally, glimpse of the option stating "Use Printer Offline" and ensure that the check-box is not having a tick-mark

So, above is the answer to how to bring online when My Toshiba Printer Is Offline. Therefore, apply these simple and easy steps on your own. You will surely get back your Offline Toshiba Printer in Online Mode and can start printing again with no hassle.


Fix Toshiba E Studio Printer Offline Issue in Handy Way

As above we have discussed the different methods to bring the Toshiba printer online. So, to fix the Toshiba E Studio printer Offline effort-freely and in a handy manner, you can walk through the above noted instructions and follow them carefully. First, check the Settings of Printers if settings are not according to the requirement, then do some change for the desired result. Check for printer drivers and if the driver needs some updates, then update drivers as soon as possible or you can re-install the printer driver again.

Above all check for the proper USB connection from the printer to the device. The connection should be tight otherwise lose connection causes Toshiba Printer Offline Error. If an error is not resolved yet, then restart the device although this is not a precise solution we can solve the unexpected errors easily.