How to Connect HP Wireless Printer with WPS PIN?

Today, we have another blog to simplify your HP Printer experience. In this blog, we are going to talk about the WPS Pin of the HP Printer. From what it is to its role, we will provide you with detailed information, by which you can know about the WPS Pin HP Printer. So, let’s start!


HP Printers are one of the most satisfactory in their field, delivering an easy and smooth printing experience. The HP brand makes the printer lifestyle easier with its wide variety of printer models having advanced functionality. But when it’s about the Wireless Printer Setup, an important thing, which is the main component, is the WPS Pin HP Printer. Today, we will learn about the WPS Pin, its importance, where to find it, and so on. So, read the blog till the end!


What is a WPS Pin HP Printer?

WPS PIN stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup,” a unique 8-digit number used to establish a secure connection between your HP printer and your wireless network. This PIN acts as a security code that needs to be entered into your wireless router or the device you are connecting to your network, in this case, your HP printer.


The WPS PIN method is one of the most secure ways to connect a device to your wireless network, as it ensures that only devices with the correct PIN can connect. This prevents unauthorized devices from connecting to your network without your permission.


Why is WPS Pin for HP Printer Essential?

The WPS PIN on the HP Printer is crucial for several reasons, which are the following:


Security Barrier

It acts as a security barrier that prevents unauthorized devices from accessing your wireless network, which is especially critical when cyber-attacks are rampant.



Using the WPS PIN simplifies connecting your HP printer to your network. Instead of entering a long and complex network password, you can enter the 8-digit WPS PIN.


Physical Presence Required

It ensures that only devices physically present and authorized by you can connect to your network, as the PIN needs to be entered during the setup process.


Maintains Network Integrity

It helps maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your network by ensuring that only authorized devices can connect.


After knowing about the importance, the main question that many users ask is where they can find the WPS PIN on the HP Printer.


Where To Find WPS PIN on HP Printer?

“I am in the process of setting up my new HP printer and then came across the term ‘WPS PIN’ in the setup manual. This PIN seems necessary for connecting my printer to my wireless network. However, I am having trouble finding the WPS PIN on my HP printer. Can you please guide me on where to locate this PIN or how to generate it? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.” – Emma Welson


Like the above query, if you also have the same query of finding a WPS PIN on the printer, this section will help you. The following are the methods to find it:


Method 1: From Router’s Back

You can find the WPS PIN HP Printer from the back of the router for the following steps:


  1. Start by locating the wireless network password on the router provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  2. The product label is usually found on the bottom or side of your router.
  3. The password is typically located underneath or adjacent to the Wireless Network Name or SSID. It is labeled as a Wireless Security Key/Password, Wi-Fi Password, Network Password, or Network Key.
  4. If the password is not visible or does not work, consult any documentation accompanying the router or contact your ISP for further assistance.


Method 2: From the Control Panel

You must locate and input the WPS PIN to finalize your printer setup. Remember, most models have a limited time frame—usually 90 seconds—to enter the PIN before it becomes invalid. Now go with the following steps:


  1. As soon as the WPS PIN prompt appears on your computer, start searching for the PIN on your printer’s control panel or the information sheet generated during the initial setup.
  2. After locating the PIN, input it and then click ‘Next’ to complete the setup.


In case the PIN doesn’t work, you have several alternatives:

  • Go for Another Driver or Method: Visit the HP Software and Driver Downloads page for more driver options, or use the HP printer setup (Mac built-in driver).
  • Generate a Fresh PIN: Restart your computer and initiate the printer setup process from the beginning.
  • Install the HP Smart App: Download the app from 123.hp.com (for Android, iOS, iPadOS), HP Smart – Microsoft Store (for Windows, in English), or HP Smart – Mac App Store (for macOS, in English), and then follow the guidelines to connect your printer.


Method 3: Find WPS PIN HP Printer on Windows

To find the WPS PIN Printer for Windows, follow the following steps:


  1. Initiate a search for ‘Wi-Fi Settings’ in Windows and open it.
  2. In ‘Related settings,’ click on ‘Change adapter options.’
  3. Right-click on your wireless network’s name and select ‘Status.’
  4. In the ‘Connection’ section, click on ‘Wireless Properties’.
  5. Navigate to the ‘Security’ tab and check the ‘Show characters’ box to reveal the password.


Method 4: Find on WPS PIN HP Printer on macOS

Following is the procedure to find your wireless network password using Keychain Access on macOS:


  1. Start by clicking the Spotlight icon, then search for and open ‘Keychain Access.’
  2. Under ‘System Keychains,’ select ‘System,’ then double-click on your Wi-Fi network’s name to open the Keychain settings.
  3. Tick the ‘Show password’ box.
  4. You will be asked to provide your Apple ID password or utilize Touch ID. Do so as required.
  5. Next, enter your Mac Administrator User Name and Password, then click ‘Allow.’

Note: The Mac Administrator username differs from your Apple ID or iCloud email. You can locate the name in the ‘Users & Groups’ menu.

  1. Your network password will then be visible in the ‘Show password’ field.


After finding the WPS PIN HP Printer, know we will use it to connect with the printer.


How to Use WPS PIN HP Printer to Connect Wireless HP Printer?

Now, we are in the main section of connecting the wireless HP Printer. Go with the following steps:


  1. Begin by pressing the ‘Wireless’ button on the control panel of your HP printer to access the wireless menu.
  2. Proceed to the ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ option.
  3. Choose the ‘WPS PIN’ option.
  4. Input the eight-digit WPS PIN you found on the back of your router, printer control panel, or network configuration page.
  5. Pause for a few moments to allow the printer to establish a wireless connection with the router.
  6. Once the printer successfully connects to the wireless network, the Wi-Fi indicator on the printer’s control panel will illuminate.


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