HP Scan Doctor – A Diagnostic Program to Fix HP Printer Issues

Overview: This blog presents you with downloading and operating the HP Scan Doctor to simplify the printing process and make the HP Printer error-free.


Are you frequently getting errors and issues on your HP Printer and can’t get rid of them? Then, we present you with the most advanced tool that HP developed to resolve some common issues that occur in the printer models, HP Scan Doctor. It is a diagnostic tool for HP printers that helps you simplify the printing process without issues. Whether it’s a driver or connection issue, the HP Print and Scan Doctor is one tool you all need. With this blog, we will cover everything from downloading to its operation for fixing the issue. So, let’s start!


Note: The HP Print and Scan Doctor for Mac is not available. As per the HP Solution Center, the HP Print and Scan Doctor Mac version is not available; you have to download a separate tool for the separate concern.


Download HP Scan Doctor on Windows

This section is mainly for Windows users, guiding them throughout the download procedure for HP Print Doctor or, say, HP Print and Scan Doctor. So, let’s start with the following:

  1. Firstly, ensure your printer is connected to the network and powered on.
  2. Secondly, boot up your computer and open your preferred web browser.
  3. Then, navigate to HP’s official website.
  4. After that, locate and download the HP Print and Scan Doctor software.
  5. Once downloaded, launch the software and follow the on-screen prompts.
  6. Now, you’ll be greeted with a welcome window. Click the start button to view a list of detectable printers.
  7. From the list, select your printer’s model. If it isn’t listed, click on the “my product is not listed” option and follow the provided steps, then select ‘retry.’
  8. Afterward, upon identifying your printer, choose between the options “fix printing” or “fix scanning.”
  9. A notification may pop up, prompting you to install additional software. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to commence the installation.
  10. Once installed, the software will aid in addressing any printing or scanning complications with your HP printer.
  11. To test the software, attempt to resolve an existing device issue.

Post-testing, the software will indicate the following:

  • A checkmark signifying your printer is in good shape.
  • A wrench icon indicates a detected issue that requires immediate attention.
  • An exclamation mark, suggests the software couldn’t pinpoint the problem.
  • An ‘X’ symbol instructs you to follow certain steps to rectify the detected issue.


How Does the HP Print and Scan Doctor Program Fix Issues?

After downloading and installing the HP Print Scan Doctor program, it’s time to use it.


User Query: 

“I recently acquired an HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 for my Windows desktop. While the printing is impeccable, I’m struggling with the scanner. The images are distorted, with colors often appearing inaccurate. I’ve tried manual troubleshooting to no avail. Since I’m not particularly tech-savvy with Windows intricacies, I’m cautious about making things worse. Is there a straightforward tool or software specifically tailored for Windows to help diagnose and solve this scanning dilemma without too much technical hassle?”


Based on the above query, we are going to provide you with the various issues with steps to fix them with the HP Scan Doctor; these are:


Printer Connection Problems

The HP Scan Doctor can fix many printer connection problems like the HP Printer Offline issue. To resolve the issue, you can go with the following means:

  1. Firstly, launch the HP Printer and Scan Doctor on your computer.
  2. Then, from the displayed list, select your specific printer.
  3. Choose ‘Fix Printing’ or ‘Fix Scanning,’ depending on your need.
  4. Follow the tool’s diagnostic process and heed its recommended solutions.
  5. Ensure all cables and wireless connections are secure as directed.
  6. Finally, test the connection by printing or scanning a sample document.


Driver Issues – Driver is Unavailable

Many driver issues can cause the HP Printer driver to be unavailable, and your printer will not perform well. So, the tool helps you in fixing the issue.

  1. Initiate the HP Print and Scan Doctor on your device.
  2. From the list, pinpoint and select your printer.
  3. Wait as the tool identifies potential driver problems.
  4. Upon prompting, opt to update or reinstall the necessary drivers.
  5. After that, follow the instructions for installation.
  6. After completion, restart your computer to integrate the changes.


Print Queue Issues

  1. Begin by launching the HP Print and Scan Doctor and selecting your printer.
  2. Let the tool delve into the print queue, seeking out stalled jobs.
  3. Upon detection, allow the tool to auto-clear or guide you to clear the jam manually.
  4. Once cleared, try printing a test page.
  5. If issues persist, turn off the printer, wait a moment, and turn it back on.
  6. Lastly, try another test print to confirm the resolution.


Printer Status and Errors – HP Printer in Error State

You can encounter many printer statuses and errors, such as the HP printer in error state codes on your computer while operating the HP printer. So you can fix the issue by using the HP Scan Doctor program:

  1. First, start the HP Print and Scan Doctor and select your printer.
  2. Patiently wait as the tool pinpoints status and error concerns.
  3. Upon identification, let the tool suggest automated or manual remedies.
  4. Carefully follow the proposed solutions, which include restarting the device.
  5. To confirm, print, or scan a document to ensure errors have been resolved.


Scanning Problems

When the HP Printer scanner not working, use the HP Scan Doctor to fix it:

  1. To start, initiate the HP Print and Scan Doctor and highlight your printer.
  2. Choose the ‘Fix Scanning’ option.
  3. After that, let the software run its diagnostics and provide tailored advice.
  4. Implement the recommended changes or fixes.
  5. Afterward, attempt a test scan to verify the issue’s resolution.


Print Quality Issues

  1. Begin by booting up the HP Scan Doctor tool and selecting your specific printer.
  2. Allow the software to diagnose print quality issues, like smudging or misalignment.
  3. Based on the findings, you might be prompted to realign or clean the printer head.
  4. After that, proceed with these actions as instructed.
  5. Once completed, print a test page to inspect the print quality.


Device Conflicts

  1. Open the HP Scan and Print Doctor and identify your printer.
  2. Trust the tool to probe for device conflicts with other software or hardware.
  3. Follow the tool’s recommendations, which may involve disabling conflicting applications.
  4. After implementing, restart both the printer and the computer.
  5. To ensure connection, test the printer’s functionality post-restart.


Firewall Issues

  1. Firstly, launch the HP Scan Doctor tool, pointing it towards your printer.
  2. If flagged, allow the software to adjust firewalls to accommodate printer tasks.
  3. Follow any on-screen guidance to adjust firewall settings.
  4. Upon completion, restart your computer.
  5. Test the printer’s operations to ensure there are no firewall-related obstructions.


Ink and Cartridge Issues

  1. Start by activating the HP Scan Doctor.
  2. Upon selecting your printer, the tool might identify cartridge or ink issues.
  3. Adhere to the tool’s advice, which could mean realigning or replacing cartridges.
  4. Once actions are taken, execute a test print to validate the ink quality.


24/7 Assistance

With this blog, we provide you with information about the HP Scan Doctor diagnostic program for HP printers, which resolves many common issues. From downloading to fixing many issues, we provide a detailed guide. You can download and use it with the above solutions if you are facing some of them. However, we are available to guide you for any HP printer-related issues. Thank You!




Q: What do I do if my HP Print and Scan Doctor doesn’t find my Printer?

A: If the HP Scan Doctor is unable to find your printer, then try the following:

  • Restart the computer
  • Confirm the network connection
  • Restart your router – For Wireless Printer
  • Check the Cable – For the Wired Printer
  • Try a new USB Cable – For a USB Connection


Q: How can I resolve HP Printer issues on Mac?

A: As the HP Print and Scan Doctor for Mac is not available, resolve the issues you can try:

  • Print quality issues: Unsatisfied with print quality? Search your printer model at HP Support and find the Fixing Poor Print Quality guide.
  • Scan connection troubles: Depending on your connection, see Network Scanner Connection Error (Mac) or USB Scanner Connection Error (Mac).
  • Scan quality concerns: Issues like vertical lines or wrong colors after scanning? Check out Improving Scan Quality.


Q: Why does the tool ask me to reinstall the printer software I’ve already set up?

A: The HP Print and Scan Doctor may have identified gaps in the current software or believes updated software could remedy the issue. If challenges persist post-reinstallation, refer back to our troubleshooting guide for more solutions.”

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