9 Solutions to Resolve Epson Printer Not Printing Back Ink Mess

Overview: Today, we will resolve the most common issue, “Epson Printer not printing black ink”. This blog will represent the reasons and solutions to fix it.

Epson Printers are one of the best products of their kind. But being the best, there are many users who face that their Epson Printer Not Printing Black ink color. This issue can occur due to various reasons the users are unaware of. The reasons can be ink cartridges, outdated software, or incorrect settings. As black ink is a more important color to print the document, it must be fixed. If you are also unaware of why this is happening, then we are here to help you. Today, we will highlight the Epson printer’s unable to print black ink color issue. From the reasons to the solutions, we help you in each step. So, let’s start with the reasons and then troubleshoot the issue.


User Query:

“I’m having trouble getting print in black ink from my Epson printer. Despite having executed multiple restarting or checking again & again, the Epson printer not printing black problem remains continuous. Strangely, other color inks are functioning perfectly. Given that I mostly rely on this printer for various tasks, I urgently need a complete solution. I kindly request detailed instructions to troubleshoot and rectify this matter effectively. Your assistance would be immensely valued. Thank you for your time and help!” – John Wales



Why is My Epson Printer Not Printing Black?

Your Epson printer not printing in black could be due to various reasons. Here’s a summary of potential causes:

  • The black ink cartridge might be running low or depleted.
  • Dust or dried ink has clogged the black ink nozzle.
  • The printer is to print in grayscale or another color mode.
  • A different printer or virtual printer is set as the default.
  • Outdated or corrupted drivers could be affecting printing functionality.
  • Misalignment of the print head could be preventing black ink from being used.
  • The printer’s firmware is outdated, hindering black ink utilization.
  • Dirty or damaged cartridge contacts could lead to improper ink flow.
  • Using the incorrect paper type setting affects how the ink is distributed.


Solutions for Epson Printer Not Printing Black Ink Issue

When your Epson printer is not processing the back ink, then you can troubleshoot it with the given solutions. Don’t worry the Epson printer Experts test these solutions so that you can rely on them.


Solution 1: Check Ink Cartridges

Checking ink cartridges is vital for smooth printer operation. Low or depleted cartridges cause the Epson printer won’t print black issues. Damaged or improperly installed cartridges can lead to printing errors. Monitoring the ink levels and assessing the cartridge’s physical condition ensures optimal printer functionality. Regular checking and maintenance can prevent unexpected disruptions and help maintain print quality.

  1. Firstly, turn off the printer and open the compartment to access the cartridges.
  2. Gently remove the cartridges by pressing down and pulling them out.
  3. Inspect the cartridges for any signs of damage or leaks.
  4. Utilize printer software or visual inspection to check the ink levels.
  5. Clean the contacts on the cartridge with a soft cloth and distilled water if necessary.
  6. Carefully reinsert the cartridges or replace them if needed.
  7. If prints are unclear, follow your printer’s manual to perform an alignment or cleaning cycle.
  8. Print a test page to check that the cartridges are functioning correctly.
  9. Regularly monitor ink levels and cartridge condition to prevent future issues.


Solution 2: Clean the Print Head

Cleaning a printer’s print head is essential for clear and crisp printing. Ink buildup can lead to clogs and poor print quality, leading to the Epson printer not printing black ink issues. Regular cleaning helps keep the print head in good condition and ensures it functions well. Following are the steps for cleaning the print head:


Automatic Cleaning from Printer Panel

  1. Start by pressing the Home button from the printer’s control panel.
  2. Next, navigate the options by selecting Setup >> Maintenance, and then Printhead Nozzle Check.
  3. Choose the Print option, causing the printer to produce a nozzle check pattern.
  4. Carefully inspect the pattern, identifying any faint or missing lines that could signify a problem.
  5. If any inconsistencies appear, proceed by selecting Clean the Printhead.
  6. Engage with the on-screen guidance to complete the cleaning process.
  7. As a final step, print another page to confirm that the print head is clean and the issue is resolved.


Manual Cleaning

  1. Firstly, Turn off the Epson printer.
  2. Secondly, access the cartridge area (refer to your manual for specific instructions).
  3. After that, Remove the cartridges and print head (if removable).
  4. Dampen a lint-free cloth with distilled water or cleaner, and gently wipe the print head nozzles.
  5. Replace the printhead and cartridges, ensuring they are securely in place.
  6. Lastly, Turn on the printer and run a test print to confirm the cleaning was successful.


Solution 3: Update or Reinstall Driver

Continuing from checking ink cartridges and cleaning the print head, another crucial aspect is keeping printer drivers up-to-date to fix the Epson printer not printing black issues, as the drivers are software that enables the printer to communicate with your computer. Outdated or corrupted drivers can cause printing issues. Updating or reinstalling drivers often fixes these problems and enhances printer functionality. The following are the steps to Update or Reinstall Drivers:

  1. First, navigate to the Control Panel and then choose Device Manager.
  2. Second, Locate your printer in the list of devices, and right-click on it.
  3. Then, select Update the Driver and follow the steps. If updates are available, they’ll be installed automatically.


If updating does not resolve the issue, then

  1. Again right-click on the Printer and then, choose Uninstall the driver
  2. After uninstalling, Restart Your Computer. Upon restart, your computer should automatically detect the printer and attempt to reinstall the correct drivers.
  3. If automatic reinstallation fails, visit the printer manufacturer’s website. Download the correct driver for your printer model and follow the instructions to install it manually.
  4. Lastly, print a test page to confirm the printer works properly with the updated or newly installed drivers.


Solution 4: Check Printer Settings

After updating or reinstalling drivers, checking the printer settings is crucial. Incorrect settings cause the Epson printer not to print black issues. Verifying and adjusting these ensures optimal printing performance. Go with the steps to Check Printer Settings:

  1. First, go to Control Panel and locate the Devices and Printers.
  2. Next, right-click on your printer’s icon and select Printing Preferences.
  3. Then, review the settings, such as paper size, print quality, and orientation, ensuring they match your printing needs.
  4. If you find any differences, make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Afterward, Apply and Save any changes.
  6. Finally, print a test page to verify the settings are correct and that the printer is functioning as expected.


Solution 5: Align the Print Head

After the process of checking printer settings, another vital aspect for flawless printing is aligning the print head. Misalignment is another reason for the Epson printer not printing black issues. Print head alignment ensures the precise placement of ink on paper, enhancing print clarity. The process typically involves a series of steps specific to the printer.

  1. Initially, go to the Control Panel and then choose  View Devices and Printers.
  2. Right-click on your printer’s icon, and select Printing Preferences.
  3. Follow the steps to align the print head, including printing and evaluating a test page.
  4. Confirm and Save the changes, and print a sample document to verify the alignment.


Solution 6: Use the Printers Utility Tool

If an Epson printer not printing black, utilizing the printer’s utility tool can be an effective solution. This tool is designed to troubleshoot and fix common printing issues, including color inconsistencies. Here’s how to utilize this tool to address the problem:

  1. Firstly, hit the Home button on your printer’s control panel.
  2. Next, choose Setup, followed by Maintenance, then Printer Maintenance, and finally Utility.
  3. Then, pick the specific tool designed for diagnosing and solving your issue.
  4. After that, adhere to the on-screen guidance to finalize the process.
  5. In the end, run a print test to verify if the printer is now printing in black.


Solution 7: Use Printer Troubleshoot on Computer

When an Epson printer not printing black ink, then the built-in Printer Troubleshooter in Windows can be a helpful tool. It automatically diagnoses and resolves common printer problems, making it a user-friendly solution. Here’s how to run it:

  1. Go to your Start, type Control Panel and open it.
  2. Then, in the search bar, type Troubleshoot and select Troubleshooting.
  3. Next, under Hardware and Sound, click on Use a printer.
  4. Afterward, the Printer Troubleshooter will open; follow the steps to find and fix issues related to not printing black.
  5. Finally, after applying the recommended fixes, print a test page to ensure the black ink works correctly.


Solution 8: Factory Reset

A factory reset on an Epson printer restores it to its original settings, which can fix many printing issues, including the Epson printer not printing black color ink. This action removes all personalized settings, restoring defaults that might resolve underlying conflicts or errors. The following are the steps:

  1. Firstly, turn off the Epson Printer.
  2. Secondly, locate the printer reset button, which is usually at the back of the printer.
  3. After that, press and hold the reset button with a paper clip or pen tip. Hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds until the warning comes.
  4. Release the Reset button.
  5. Now, wait until the Print does not show the message “Epson Printer is Resetting”.
  6. After resetting, try to print a test page to check the black ink printing.


Solution 9: Reconfigure Printer

If none of the above solutions works, then you must reconfigure the printer completely. Fully reconfiguring the printer fixes the Epson printer not printing black. This process reverts settings to default and allows a fresh setup, potentially resolving the issue. Below are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel.
  2. Select Devices and Printers or the equivalent option depending on your OS.
  3. Find your Epson printer in the list of devices, right-click on it, and choose Remove Device or Delete.
  4. Confirm the removal if prompted.
  5. Turn off your printer and then turn it back on; restart your computer.
  6. Return to the Control Panel and pick the Devices and Printers
  7. Click Add a Printer from the top of the window.
  8. Follow the steps, select your Epson printer from the list, or manually add it if necessary.
  9. Configure the printer settings as prompted, ensuring the correct drivers and preferences are selected.
  10. Once set up, print a test page to verify that the black ink prints correctly.


Some Additional Solutions You Can Try

Solution 1: Set Printer as Default

When your computer doesn’t recognize the Epson printer as the default device, then you can face the Epson printer not printing black issues. Ensuring your Epson printer is set as the default ensures that print commands are sent to the correct device, addressing any miscommunication between your computer and printer. The following are the steps to set the Epson Printer as default:

  1. Initially, click Start, then head to the Control Panel.
  2. Subsequently, choose Devices and Printers.
  3. Find and right-click your Epson printer among the devices, selecting Set as the default printer
  4. To confirm the change, print a test page. If it prints in black, your problem is resolved.


Solution 2: Check Print in GreyScale

If your Epson printer is printing only in grayscale and not in black, this could be a setting issue. With the following, you can correct it.

  1. Open the document you want to print.
  2. Click on File and then Print to open the print dialog box.
  3. Select your Epson printer from the list, then click the Properties or Preferences
  4. Look for a section or tab related to color settings, such as Color or Paper/Quality.
  5. If you find a checkbox labeled Print in Grayscale or something similar, uncheck it. If there’s a Color option instead of a grayscale, make sure it’s selected.
  6. Click OK/Apply to save your changes.
  7. Finally, click Print to print your document and check if the black ink is now printing correctly.


Solution 3: Check the Paper Type

When an Epson printer not printing black, choosing the right paper type could be a simple solution. The incorrect paper setting can affect how the printer dispenses black ink. To fix the issue, it’s vital to match the paper type in the printer settings with the actual paper you’re using. Whether it’s glossy photo paper or standard A4, selecting the correct option ensures that the ink adheres properly, potentially resolving the issue of the printer not printing in black.


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Wrapping Up

We think your Epson Printer not printing black color ink problem is resolved now. With the above solutions, we can help you out with the concern. So, whenever you face this problem, this guide is always available to help you. You can also refer this to your friend who is facing the same. However, if you want to talk to the Expert to know more about the Epson Printer, our professionals are available 24/7 to assist you. Thank You!

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