Epson Printer Not Printing: Troubleshooting Guide

Is your Epson printer acting up and refusing to print during a crucial task? When faced with a printer that suddenly goes silent, the responsibility of fixing it falls into your hands. This guide is dedicated to addressing the issue of Epson printers not printing on a Windows PC.

While Epson printers are generally reliable, encountering a malfunction can be a serious setback. Printing problems can affect all printer types, including Epson. If you’re experiencing the frustrating “Epson printer not printing” issue, rest assured that we have comprehensive solutions to help you overcome this challenge. Here we will explore the effective solutions for resolving the problem of an Epson printer failing to print.

Why Is My Epson Printer Not Printing?

Before we proceed further with the troubleshooting of the Epson Printer Not printing Anything, it’s important to grasp the potential reasons behind your Epson printer’s reluctance to cooperate:

  • Power and Connectivity Issues: There can be improper electrical connections or cables to your printer or computer causing trouble.
  • Default Printer Settings: The printer is not being set as the default device, creating trouble in the printing process.
  • Ink-Related Factors: Low ink levels or issues with ink cartridges could also be the reason.
  • Paper Jams: Paper being jammed within the printer.
  • Paper Absence:  There is no paper loaded in the printer tray.
  • Network Connectivity: Issues with the printer’s connection to the network.
  • Outdated Printer Driver: The printer driver is outdated or incompatible with the device.


Now that you know about the possible reasons, let’s proceed next and figure out how to fix the Epson printer, not printing issue on your Windows or Mac Device.


Epson Printer Not Printing: Things To Take Care Of

  • Verify that your Epson printer is powered on.
  • Ensure proper connection between the printer and your computer via USB cable.
  • Check the correct placement of ink cartridges.
  • Confirm that the printing papers are correctly loaded in the printer’s tray.
  • Look for any error signals on your Epson printer’s display.



Troubleshooting Steps for Epson Printer Not Printing


Check Physical Connections

It might seem simple, but overlooking physical issues is a common mistake. Conduct a thorough inspection of the printer’s hardware, ensuring cables and connections are secure.

  • Verify the power status and examine all ports for potential damage. Reconnect all cables after disconnecting the power supply.
  • power on the printer, and assess whether the problem has been resolved.


Verify Default Printer Setting

At times, computer glitches can lead to the printer losing its default status. This can also occur when multiple printers are connected simultaneously. To reset the Epson printer as the default device, follow these steps:

For Windows

  • Navigate to the Start Menu.
  • Click on the Settings menu.
  • Choose  Devices, and tap to select Printers & Scanners option.
  • Locate your printer in the list and set it as the default printer.
  • If the issue persists, you can also disable the “Let Windows manage my default printer” option.

For Mac

  • In the Printers & Scanners settings, right-click (or Control-click) on your Epson printer.
  • Choose the option to “Set Default Printer”.


Update Device Drivers

Outdated device drivers often cause Epson Printer Won’t Print issues. When they become outdated or corrupted, they can disrupt communication and result in malfunction.

For Windows

Update Drivers Using Device Manager

  • Click on the Windows + X  button.
  • From the menu appears, choose “Device Manager”.
  • Select your device and click on the “Update Drivers” option.


Update Drivers Visting Official Website

  • Visit the Epson printer’s official website
  • Go to the “Support” or “Downloads” section.
  • Look out for your device’s model.
  • Download the latest driver version of printer drivers.
  • Install drivers by running the installation executable file.


For Mac  

Update Drivers Visiting App Store

  • Click on the Apple menu.
  • Choose  “App Store.”
  • Go to the “Updates” tab.
  • Install the latest updates for your drivers.


Update Drivers From the Manufacturer’s Website:

  • Visit the Epson website.
  • Locate the “Support” or “Downloads” section and find your device’s model.
  • Download the latest driver version compatible with your macOS version.
  • Install the downloaded driver by running the installation package.


Cleaning Your Epson Printer’s Printhead

Regular maintenance is crucial for preventing the “Epson printer not printing” issue caused by clogged printheads. Here’s how to clean the printhead:

For Windows:

  • From the Windows taskbar, access the Control Panel.
  • Right-click on your printing device, and tap to choose “Printing Preferences.”
  • Select “Maintenance” or “Head Cleaning” from the menu.
  • Run the printhead cleaning procedure by adhering to the on-screen directions.


For Mac:

  • On your Mac, click the Apple Menu (top-left corner) and select “System Preferences.”
  • Click the option “Printers & Scanners”.Select your Epson printer from the left panel.
  • Click the “Options & Supplies” button.
  • Choose the “Open Printer Utility” option.
  • Click on the “Head Cleaning” option and follow the on-screen instructions to clean the printhead.


Check Ink Levels

Low ink levels can lead to printing problems.

For Windows:

  • Go To Control Panel.
  • Choose option “Devices and Printers.”
  • Right-click on your printing device, and choose  “Printing Preferences.”
  • Tap “Check Ink Levels” in the Maintainance section to see.


For Mac

  • Check the “Supply Levels” tab.
  • View the ink levels for your Epson printer.
  • Replace the Ink cartridge if necessary.


Finding Hard To Print With Your Epson Printer on Android or iOS?


Here is how to use the Epson printer for smartphone printing:


Use these simple instructions to print from an Epson printer using an Android or iOS device. Please be aware that the precise steps may differ slightly depending on the printer model and the particular app you’re using, so be sure to check the handbook for your printer or the instructions for the app for any unique differences.



Setting Up Your Printer

  • Ensure that your Android or iOS smartphone and your Epson printer are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Make sure that your printer is stocked with paper and ink or toner.


Install the Epson Print App (Epson iPrint)

  • Open the app store on your device.
  • Look up “Epson iPrint” and get it on your device.
  • Open the downloaded app.


Connect the Epson printer

  • Open the downloaded app.
  • Connect the Epson printer
  • Open the Epson iPrint application.
  • Select “Printer is not selected” or a comparable prompt by tapping it.
  • From the list of available printers, pick your Epson model. Ensure that it is the one that is logged in to your Wi-Fi network.


Start printing

  • Choose the precise file or item from your device that you wish to print.
  • Change the paper size, orientation, quality, and number of copies in the print settings.
  • Tap the “Print” button once the options have been set.


Please note: Not all printer models enable Epson iPrint, and some may support direct printing from Android or iOS devices. You might be able to print using your device’s built-in features in such circumstances. Typically, you can find this in the “Share” or “Print” sections of numerous programs.


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Next time you encounter the frustrating scenario of your Epson printer not printing, remember these troubleshooting methods. Most issues can be resolved by updating the printer driver, and the Advanced Driver Updater simplifies this process. By following these steps, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any printing hiccups that come your way.

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