How to fix the ‘HP DeskJet 2700 Offline’ issue?

Yes, it frustrates people who use the printer when the HP Printer offline issue happens in Windows 10 and Mac. The typical problems faced by the majority or more wireless users. If this happens, the printer cannot print any document. Therefore, fixing HP DeskJet 2700 offline on Windows 10 or Mac makes sure you follow the resolutions correctly and solve the issue quickly.

Solutions to Repair HP DeskJet 2700 Offline 

Solution 1: Restart the HP Printer or Router to fix the Offline Error message

It is possible that your laptop or computer is not able to find the wireless printer via the Wi-Fi connection. Then, you’re required to reboot your system and the printer device and router. After that, you’re needed to establish a brand new connection between them.

Note: While investigating the problem with the network link, to resolve the printer that is showing that offline warning, make sure you connect the printer right away on the Wi-Fi network.

  • Turn OFF your wireless printer
  • The next step is to remove the power cable from its rear end
  • Switch off the system you tried to print documents.
  • The power supply is connected to the back edge of your printer. Then, please turn it on.
  • After that, remove the power cord to the wireless router and wait for 20 minutes.
  • Next, connect your power cable to a Wi-Fi router.
  • Then, turn on your system.

Your devices are prepared to establish a new connection. Follow the following method.


Solution 2: Connect the Wireless Printer to the Wi-Fi network (Touchscreen Control Panel)

Attach the HP printer to local wifi via the HP wireless configuration wizard on your touchscreen controller. If compatible with the router, the connection may also be established using WPS and HP Smart App software.

  • Then, tap the wireless icon on the control panel of your printer.
  • Select the set-up icon.
  • Select the Restore Network defaults and Restore Network Settings button, then click Yes to confirm your selection.
  • You’re supposed to press the back arrow followed by Wireless Settings and, finally, Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • The printer will search for all available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Click on the name of the wireless network you are using.

If your wireless network cannot be located or detected through the printer, click on Enter New Network Name. Then, type in the name of the wireless network.


Note: Ensure that you input your correct Network name, including any lowercase or uppercase characters.

  • Finally, enter your security password for your network (WEP or WPA Key) and click done.
  • The blue wireless light will stop flashing but remain on if the printer is connected.


Solution 3: Configure Your Printer as the default in Windows 10 Manually

Check out the HP printer and set it as a default property, enabling the printer’s offline status on Windows 10.

  • Find devices, then click on Printers and Scanners in the Set of devices displayed.
  • If this option is selected, remove the check mark near Allow Windows to handle my printer as default.
  • Look for your printer’s name in the list of printers. You can then hit the Manage button.
  • If you have multiple devices that share the same name, you have to select the printer that is in the status idle and online.
  • Next, below manage your wireless printer device, click on Set as default.
  • Try again to print any paper. If the printer is still showing as offline, you can try the following procedure.


Solution 4: Set Your Printer as Default for Windows 8, 7 Manually

  • First, search for Devices in Windows and select Printers and Devices from the results list.
  • Then, right-click your HP printer, whose status is active (not blacked-out), and then click Set as the default printer.
  • Then try printing the document. If the printer says offline, continue to the next step.


Solution 5: Examine the Ink Cartridge as well As the Jam Problem. Jam Problem

Check the printer for cartridges and paper jam issues. This will help fix the HP DeskJet 2700 offline issue.

  • Turn ON the HP wireless/wired printer. Check that all physical and wireless connections have been correctly made.
  • Examine all cable connections to determine if there are any disconnected cables and then connect them properly for a better connection.
  • Examine the printer’s interior to identify any jammed paper. Clean the HP paper jam error if you detect any.
  • Examine the input tray to ensure the right amount of paper. Papers should be installed in the tray when needed.
  • The access door to the cartridge is opened and then look to see if there is an HP Printer ink cartridge Failure message. Also, examine the level of ink within the cartridges.
  • It is important to look over the display on your printer’s control panel or your software to detect low ink-level alerts. Then, select OK to stop the low ink alerts and bring your device back online.
  • Also, make sure both the printer and the system are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.



By following the method above, you could have the ability to resolve the HP DeskJet 2700 offline issue. So, leave your worries aside and correctly implement all the steps mentioned above.

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