Troubleshooting for the HP Printer Offline Mac Issue

HP printer users generally do not face any issues using their printing devices. However, when technical glitches arise, they wonder about corrective troubleshooting. Mac users using an HP printer model can sometimes find their HP printer status offline. When you find an HP printer offline Mac, you might wonder what has triggered it and how to bring it online.


The problem means that your computer and HP printer are not connected. You need to set up a connection between them to carry out your printing tasks. In this article, you will read about effective troubleshooting techniques to make your printer show online status.


Preliminary Troubleshooting for HP Printer Offline Mac Problem

Before going ahead with more specific fixes, it’s wise to perform a basic troubleshooting procedure. Here’s what you need to check.

  • Check if your HP printer is turned on. If it is in sleep mode, power it.
  • Restart your printer and check if it can print.
  • Inspect every cable connection between your system and your HP printing device. Ensure that no connection is loose.
  • Find if there is any paper jam. Your printer should have adequate paper.
  • In case you notice a low ink message on the printing device, replace the empty ink cartridges.
  • Examine if there are any updates pending. Tap the Apple menu and choose ‘Software update’ to find out about available updates.
  • Choose the document that requires to be printed and hit Ctrl + P to print.
  • Choose your printer by tapping change and selecting your printer from the list. Then tap ‘Print.’



Other Fixes to Use When the HP Printer Is Offline Mac 

Have you carried out the basic troubleshooting but still found your printer offline? Here are some other effective measures.

Reset your HP printer

Resetting your HP printing device is one of the most effective fixes for this printer offline error. Implement these steps to reset the HP printer.

  • Choose the Apple menu.
  • Now from the dropdown menu, tap ‘System Preferences.’
  • After that, tap the ‘Print and Scan’ option.
  • Hit the Ctrl key and right-tap on the printer list.
  • Choose the ‘Reset printing system’ option.
  • Tap the ‘+’ button and choose your HP printer.
  • If your printer does not show up, tap ‘Add printer or scanner.’
  • Now, from the list, choose your printer and tap ‘Add.’
  • You need to wait for some minutes till the printer downloads.
  • Now install it and use your HP printer again.


Connect the printer to the network

Use the HP Wireless Setup Wizard to connect your printer to a network. Use these steps to set up a link between the printer and the network.

  • Go to the Home screen of the printer’s control panel.
  • Select the wireless icon.
  • Touch the setup icon.
  • Tap ‘Restore Network Defaults.’
  • Hit ‘Yes’ after that.
  • After the default network settings are restored, tap the ‘Wireless Settings’ option.
  • Now, click on ‘Wireless Setup Wizard.’
  • Input the network security password and hit ‘Done.’
  • When the printer connects, you will see a blue wireless light. It will not blink.


Re-add your printer on Mac

Are you still wondering why is my HP printer offline Mac? It might be that you need to remove it once and add it again.

  • Hit the Apple icon. Use the ‘System Preferences’ option and select ‘Printers & Scanners.’
  • Tap ‘Print and Scan.’
  • After that, choose ‘Print and Fax.’
  • Highlight the printer that you want to remove and re-add.
  • Hit the ‘‘ symbol.
  • Now, choose the ‘Delete Printer’ option.
  • Re-add the printer by tapping the ‘+’ symbol.
  • Select your device from the list.
  • Opt for ‘Print Using.’
  • Tap ‘AirPrint.’
  • Lastly, hit ‘Add.’
  • Now, check if the HP printer is showing an online status.


Employ HP Smart Diagnose & Fix.

The HP Smart Diagnose & Fix is present on Mac systems that have an operating system version of 10.13 and later. If your printer is offline Mac due to connection issues, you should use this utility.

  • Open the HP Smart App on your system. If you don’t have it, head to the official HP site to download it.
  • After that, choose ‘Printers’ followed by ‘Diagnose & Fix.’
  • Now, hit the ‘Start’ button.
  • The utility will take some amount of time to diagnose and fix the problem. It’s best not to engage in any other action on your system.
  • After some time, you can see the diagnosis screen.
  • Here, after checking the results, hit ‘Done.’



Summing up

A lack of communication between your Mac system and the printer results in an HP printer offline Mac error. But you can resolve it by finding out the cause and implementing a proper fix from those mentioned above. If you need further help, contact the HP printer technical expert team.

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